Mission, Vision, and Values

So many churches need leaders who can navigate the troubled and ever-changing waters of our culture. Ministry professionals long to see that the work they are doing is making a difference in the lives of others and transforming the world around them. I feel called to work with ministry leaders and professionals that they may be the leaders, ministers, pastors needed for God’s work in our world today.


  • My mission is to help ministry professionals and leaders to reach the potential God has given them.


I seek to help clergy and lay leadership:

  • refine and respond to their calling or vocation
  • discover the potential within them already
  • identify their mission, vision, and values in ministry
  • identify the resources already available to them
  • adapt their ministry and leadership skills to the needs of their ministry setting and world
  • identify what connects the vision you have for ministry with the present reality and work toward those goals.
  • discover what they are to be doing and where they should empower others to do the work of ministry
  • by being an accountability partner to help them achieve their goals.


  • I believe that God is already at work in the life and ministry of those I coach
  • I believe that a caring, coaching relationship with ministry professionals and leaders, helps them to achieve their goals.
  • I believe that anyone can achieve the potential and purpose that God has already given to them.
  • I believe that the ministry professional and leaders already have inspiration and insight through God, and my job is to help them identify that which is already within them.
  • I believe working with a coach brings out our best in that we are heard, supported, challenged, and encouraged.
  • As a coach, my role is to help clergy, lay leadership, and other ministry leaders creatively develop their own understanding of possibilities and to help eliminate self-limiting ideas.
  • I believe that in a safe space, the ministry professional and leader can broaden their understanding of mission and calling, and push themselves to take responsibility and ownership for the potential God has given them for the work of the ministry of God.