Coaching Services

Areas of Coaching

  • Career – helping you discern where God is leading you in your vocation
  • Life – everything we do in influenced by things going on in our lives; in life coaching, you work through things that inhibit joy, creativity, productivity, and excellence.
  • Church leadership – working with the leadership board, we can work on strategic planning, board effectiveness, and simplified structure.
  • Mediation and Conflict Transformation – working with clergy and church leadership to work toward resolution and reconciliation
  • Clergy – helping you work through ministry situations and work toward more effective ministry
  • Group coaching – groups of leaders to share experience and wisdom through coaching.
  • Preaching – working with you, observing sermons, and coaching through blocks or facilitating brainstorming

All coaching sessions are confidential in compliance with all applicable laws.

Churches and Organizations

I work with churches and church leadership in a variety of coaching areas:

  • Workshop or training such as strategic planning, simplified accountable structure, communication in conflict
  • Mediation and conflict transformation. For UM churches, it is best if the request for mediation comes from the district superintendent or conference leadership.
  • Simplified Accountable Structure Coaching from discernment to first two-years of meetings as a simplified board .