Believing in yourself – Your Key to Success

“Believing in yourself is the first secret of success.”

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No one can define success for you. No one can tell you when you have arrived at success. Success is very personal, and it starts with you.

There is a series of television commercials currently running for an online counseling service. These 30-second spots show humorous scenarios about a very real situation–mental health.

In one commercial, there is a guy lifting weights at the gym; he doesn’t have a spotter. There comes a point where he can no longer lift the weight off of his chest. Another guy in the gym puts down his weights and comes over and asks if the first man needed help and he starts to help him lift the weight.

Guy on weight bench: “Don’t worry about me.”

Guy trying to help: “Yo, dude, there is no shame….”

Guy on weight bench: “Don’t worry about me.” “You don’t know my family. If my parents, or brothers, sisters or cousins ever found out…”

Guy trying to help: “Dude, this weight is pretty heavy. “

Guy on weight bench: “Don’t worry about me.” “I just need sometime. I’ll figure it out myself. Okay.”

BetterHealth, “Workout”

While these ads are amusing and and are parodies of actual conversations people have when told they need help, it is part of our human nature since the age of two to “do it ourselves.” But the point of the commercials is that there are people who are trained to help others be their best self. We need trained professionals in all areas of our lives: doctors, accountants, electricians; and the results can be disastrous if we try to do these things ourselves.

This is why I have begun coaching others. Coaching isn’t teaching or telling you how to do something. It is much like coaching in sports. The coach isn’t pitching the ball, but helping the athlete become the best pitcher he or she can be. A coach is a trained person walking alongside you to help you believe in yourself and discover answers you didn’t even know you have.

Success in life, career, and relationships, starts with you–but sometimes it takes someone from the outside to see what you cannot. And then to help you see it for yourself. For more information about coaching, contact me at

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